Review of The Perfect Man: Press Association (syndicated)

          Despite its title, Naeem Murr’s novel, The Perfect Man, is an eloquent study of the dark underside of human relationships, as it charts one boy’s efforts to fit into a community where secrets inflict damage from just below the surface.  Abandoned by his English father and left with his uncle’s mistress Ruth in a small American town, Indian-born Rajiv becomes close to Annie and her friends, including Lewis who spent more than a year in a mental institution after being blamed for his younger brother’s death.
          Despite growing up in an apparent rural idyll, the lives of the youngsters are overshadowed by Lewis’s struggle to remain connected to reality, and by other tensions in the small community.  Moving forwards and backwards in time to reveal the truth about the town’s lies, The Perfect Man captures with heartwrenching accuracy, the damage done by adults to children, and by adults to one another.

Press Association