Review of The Perfect Man: 'The Works'

Awarded five stars out of five

         It is 1954 in Pisgah, Missouri, and twelve-year-old Indian born, English-raised Raj is unceremoniously dumped on his late uncle’s mistress for safekeeping.  He befriends four of the town’s children, led by the beautiful, headstrong Annie, and as they mature their relationships develop.  Not all of the townsfolk take so kindly to Raj, however, and this simmering prejudice, coupled with the eruption of a terrible secret, results in a tragedy that will change their lives forever.
         A haunting novel, every page of Murr’s narration bristles with power.  As the children struggle through adolescence and the adults try to cope with their changing offspring, all are perfectly drawn scenes that slowly reveal the explosive bigger picture.  At once a study of humanity and acceptance, and a well-crafted, small-town thriller, this is unputdownable.  Murr etches his characters so deeply on the imagination and colours his writing so vividly that the pages simply seem to turn themselves.

THE VERDICT: A remarkable, effective novel of 1950s small town USA.

The Works Issue # A05, April 2006