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"Carefully paced with memorable incidents and brilliant flashes of poetic description, the nevertheless muted tone of the book’s slow burn makes the unremitting cataclysm, when it arrives, all the more shocking.  Inevitably, but with an unexpected range of fall-out, Murr reveals a small-town legacy of brutality, passion and vulnerability that lingers in the mind like an obsession."
(The Glasgow Herald)


A Novella provided for the Gemma Open Door Foundation for Adult Literacy

ISBN-10: 1936846071
ISBN-13: 978-1936846078

100 pages

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Albert Butler wished once to be an artist, but scandal destroyed his life. Now old and sick, he takes us back through his troubled childhood, England’s blitz, and two passionate and destructive affairs. We see his life as an autobiography of nudes. Returning to his former London haunts, he confronts old friends who have never forgiven him his sins, and after making his confession to a defrocked priest, sets out on a journey along the Thames that will bring him to the final and naked truth about himself.

The Genius of the Sea

"Clever and intense, Murr’s writing captures the extraordinary power of human ties."
(Time Out)

"While reading The Boy, I intently turned the pages, carried along by Murr’s dark energy, his sharply intelligent prose, his genius for the unexpected, his keen sense of atmosphere.  And the novel’s harrowing conclusion more than demonstrates [Murr’s] stunning gifts.”
Margot Livesey, The New York Times Book Review)

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