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Back in 1982, while I was a resident of Old Windsor, I embarked on a little personal project to produce a photographic record of the Village. These photographs were intended for the County Archive,but, for one reason or another, didn't make it. Exactly 20 years to the month (July 2002) since this record was made, I decided that it was time for the photographs to see the light of day.
Five years on from then, in July 2007, and 25 years after the first project, I took my camera around Old Windsor once again.
I offer the photographs with captions but no commentary - their significance is personal to you. Some of you will remember how the Village was back in 1982, and some of you were not even born. Some things have changed significantly, perhaps for the better, perhaps not, and other things are resolutely the same!
I have included some other personal Village photographs, and some material kindly offered by others, and hope to add more from my personal archive of Old Windsor in future, so do come back!

If you should spot any errors in the captioning or cataloguing of these images, or can fill in any missing bits of information, I'd love to hear from you (alan@alancrossphotography.com)

There is a little about me and my family HERE.