A bit about me......

I'm Alan Cross. I first moved to Old Windsor with Margaret about a year after we married, in 1968. We had many happy years living in Ashbrook Road, raising our children Rachel and Jonathan (he prefers 'Jon' now!). In 1979 we moved to Malt House Close, and added a cat and an untrainable dog to our family - some of you may remember the unruly 'Jamie' who treated the Village as his own!
Many of you who did not know me or my family before 1987 may have got to hear of us when we were involved in the Zeebrugge ferry disaster of that year. My wife Margaret was lost in the disaster, as were our very dear neighbours Alan and Molly Waters. Through our loss my children and I were sustained by the support of many of our dear Village friends.

In the spirit of 'moving on', I left Old Windsor in 1995, and moved to a beautifully secluded cottage called 'Heathfield' in a delightful part of Wokingham. I have kept in contact with many of my friends in the Village, and it still holds a sense of 'home' for me.


In 2002 I met a wonderful lady, Eileen, and, on 24 June 2006, we were married at The Swan at Streatley! Until January 2014 we lived at 'Heathfield' in Wokingham.

As for my children, Rachel lives in Brighton, and has two super children - Oran (b.2001) and Maisie (b.2006). Jon's partner is Abbie, and they have a lovely boy called Charlie (b. 2011) and a beautiful daughter called Frankie (b 2014) - they also live in Brighton. One of Eileen's sons lives in Shoreham, with his wife Pippi and their two little 'uns Samantha and Rory. You'll find family pictures at www.alanfcross.com.

In 2014, Eileen and I moved to a lovely cottage in Shoreham-by-Sea, to be much closer to our children and grandchildren.

This web site is perhaps my way of saying that I haven't forgotten the part that Old Windsor, and my friends and acquaintances there, have played in the life of my family. I hope this web site give you some nostalgic pleasure, and perhaps raises a smile or two.

If you wish to contact me, my email address is alan@alancrossphotography.com