The Aims of the TGSA

Articles of Association dated 16 June 2000

1. The name of the organisation shall be Thorpe Grammar School Association

2. The Objects of The Association
To foster contact between former staff and pupils of Thorpe Grammar School and to interact with the present Thorpe St Andrew School to mutual advantage.
To support good causes and charitable institutions including the present Thorpe St Andrew School.

3. Membership
Membership shall be open to students educated at and staff employed at Thorpe Grammar School, Norwich.

4. Membership Fee
There shall be an initial joining fee of £10
Annual subscriptions may be levied at a sum fixed by the committee.

5. Financial Year
The first financial period shall be 8 June 2000 to 30 September 2001 and thence annually.

6. Committee
The Association shall be run by a committee consisting of not more than twenty-one members. Fifteen members of the committee shall be elected by the general membership. Six members of the committee shall be co-opted. In the event of a committee member resigning a replacement member may be co-opted by the committee.

7. Quorum
A quorum shall be one third of the total number of committee members.

8. Nomination of committee members
Committee members standing for election shall be nominated in writing by a proposer and seconder who shall be members of the Association. The nominee shall sign the nomination to indicate his/her willingness to stand.

9. Entitlement to vote for committee members
Each member of the Association shall be entitled to vote for up to 15 Committee members.

10. Committee for the period to 30 September 2001
The initial committee shall be self-selected.

11. Period of office
Committee members shall be elected to serve for a period of two years.

12. Voting
Voting for committee members shall commence at the Annual General Meeting in October 2001. Voting shall be by secret ballot by members present at the Annual General Meeting grid entitled to vote. Four scrutineers shall be appointed by the committee to oversee the ballot.

13. Officers of the Association
The officers shall be:
to be elected annually by the committee.

14. Voting in Committee
Voting in committee shall be by simple majority. In the event of a tie the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

15. Annual General Meeting
The first Annual General Meeting shall take place as soon as possible after 30th September 2001.

16. Honorary President
The committee shall invite F P Ball to become Honorary President for life. The Honorary President shall be entitled to attend committee meetings.

17. Auditors
The committee shall appoint competent auditors.

18. Bankers
The committee shall appoint a clearing bank to act on the Association's Behalf.

19. Investment
The committee shall have power to invest the Association's funds.

20. Insurance
The committee shall effect whatever insurances are appropriate to protect The Association's interests.

21. Professional services
The committee are empowered to use whatever professional services are required in the conduct of the Association's business and arranging of its activities. Members of the Association shall be entitled, where appropriate, to a charge for services rendered. Members of the committee shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred whilst on the Association's official business.

22. Beneficial activity
The committee shall be entitled to engage in any lawful activity which will achieve the objectives of the Association or is of benefit to the Association and/or its members.

23. Amendment to these Articles of Association
Except as provided for in (24) below, amendment to these Articles of Association may only be made at the Annual General Meeting of the Association subject to the following:

  • A proposed amendment must be submitted to the committee at least two calendar months before the Annual General Meeting and must be signed by ten members of the Association.
  • A proposed amendment must be passed by a vote of seventy- five per cent of the members present at the meeting.

24. Exceptional circumstances
In exceptional or urgent circumstances the committee may call a Special General Meeting at which a change to these Articles may be proposed, subject to the following:

  • The membership shall be given three clear weeks notice in writing of such Special General Meeting
  • A proposed amendment must be passed by a vote of seventy-five per cent of the members present at the meeting.

25. Closure
A motion for closure of the Association may only be proposed by the committee. A motion for closure shall be presented at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting and will be subject to the procedure set out in paragraphs (23)and(24)above. At the same time as presenting a motion for closure the committee shall also present proposals for the disbursement of any funds or assets held by the Association.

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